Learn the fundamentals of data, databases, how applications use databases, creating and joining tables to write queries (SQL), subqueries, and aggregate functions, providing you with the skills you need to excel and overcome real-world business challenges

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Data is the New Gold!


Are you an IT professional that wants to stand out from the crowd in your career? If the answer is yes, then this training is for you.

Whether you’re in marketing, finance, or product, knowing how to make data-driven decisions is the key to success. The more fluently you can retrieve and analyze your data, the quicker you’ll uncover actionable insights and grow your business.

This training will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of SQL fundamentals and is ideal for IT professionals at any stage in their career.

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  • Learn the fundamentals of databases
  • How applications use databases
  • Creating and joining tables
  • Writing queries, subqueries, and aggregate functions (SQL)
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